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Reaching young people in the Sacramento Area

Our Team

Introducing young people to Jesus at pivotal moments

See our staff portrait photos, below.

Our Team

We're so excited to be able to nurture the lives of young people!

Our staff team works diligently and faithfully to ensure that we are meeting kids where they're at with the good news of the Gospel!

Osama Abasi - Campus Life Director, Granite Bay/The Barn

Trina Baez - Admin. Assistant

Boomer Bennett - Campus Life Area Director, South Placer County (Rocklin and Whitney High Schools)

Emily Cabrera – Campus Life McClatchy High School / Collings Teen Center (West Sacramento)

Zach Claiborne - Campus Life South Placer County (Granite Bay, Del Oro, Mesa Verde High Schools and Eich MS)

Jon DeWitt – Operations

Mike Edwards – Business Manager

Gary Fox – Development

Julie Habeeb – Director, Sayonara City Life Center

Deana Hyatt - Campus Life Placer County (Rocklin HS, Whitney HS, the Barn)

Elizabeth Kirkman - Campus Life MS (Roseville/Granite Bay)

Ed Kaczmarek – Executive Director

Robyn Matthews - City Life, Collings Teen Center

Blair Maynard – Campus Life and Sayonara City Life Center

Sophia McCarty - Campus Life and Sayonara City Life Center

Ben Mills, Co-Director, Nevada County Campus Life (Nevada Union High School)

Scott Mills, Co-Director, Nevada County Campus Life (Nevada Union High School)

Amber Pexa - Campus Ministries Director/Point Break

YaHyl Rogers – Crossover Basketball/Rutter Middle School

Annette Seeber – Executive Assistant / Events

Omar Turner – Crossover Basketball / Rutter Middle School

Justin Waffird – City Life Director – Collings Teen Center (West Sacramento)

Carrin Weeks – Campus Life Site Director, McClatchy High

Sarah Weimer – Communications/Grants

Kendra and Nathaniel Williams – Directors, Campus Life Gold Country (South Nevada County / Central Placer County)

Tim LeFever

Board Chair

LeFever Mattson Property Management

David Busch


Owner, Horizon Amusement Group

Jason Arnold

Board Member

Resident Director, Merrill Lynch

Bob Balzhiser

Board Member

Managing Member, Granite Arch Climbing Center

Mike Frank

Board Member

Regional Sales Manager - New American Funding

Ray Harrison

Board Member

Helios Quantitative Research, LLC

Ed Kaczmarek

Executive Director

Youth For Christ ExD

Mickey Maxey-Mooney

Board Member

Realtor, Windermere Real Estate

Chip Maxson

Board Member

General Manager - Sacramento River Cats

Stephen Scholz

Board Member

Sales Coordinator, Waxie Sanitary Supply

Our Board - Faithful and Dedicated Leadership

Jacob Bland, YFC USA President & CEO

"This is our pivotal moment to serve the church"

This is our pivotal moment to serve the church by creatively re-imagining youth ministry yet again. I believe the cultural conditions are right for us to experience the greatest youth revival our generation has ever seen. God has given us the right team to do this—and His hand is clearly on our mission.

Ed Kaczmarek, Executive Director, YFC Sacramento

For Such a Time as This...

Schools want us, juvenile halls want us, communities want us... we simply need the people and resources to say "YES"!

Blair Maynard, Sayonara Staff

“God, please give me the right words to say right now!"

Michael shared his struggles. I asked him if he had been going to church and reading his Bible, and he said no. But now he expressed interest in going to church. Praise God!

For over 70 years, serving Sacramento area teens.

Our pursuit: relational ministry rooted in Christ’s truth. 
His truth about community, empathy, and kingdom-inspired diversity guides our
 work and shapes our communities.

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