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YFC Multisite Update Log

💡 Background Adjustability for Story Text Blocks

September 2022

The ability to adjust background color on rich text blocks in stories has been added! You’ll now see a field labeled “background-color” above the “text” field when working in this particular environment.

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🔐 Invisible ReCaptcha Added to Forms

August 2022

To reduce spam entries and increase site security, we have added an invisible ReCaptcha functionality to the email signup forms. This feature ensures that real people can join your contact list while reducing bot activity. There is no visual element to this update, and it does not interfere with the functional usage of your site from real individuals.

📜 People Modal Scroll Functionality

July 2022

There is now a scroll bar in the “people” modal if the included content exceeds the window size.

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📄 Sort Ministries by Active or Closed

June 2022

We added a column in the Ministries Posts List to sort by Active / Closed ministry sites. Click the “Status” column to send all Closed sites to the bottom.

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✍️ New Bio Feature for the People Post Type and Post Block

May 2022

We upgraded the People post block and post type. You can include an optional bio field for each team member.

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⭐ Reduced Page Animations for Internal Clicks

May 2022

We reduced the page load animation for internal clicks to improve site speed and mobile user experience. Initial page load will still feature the full page animation introduction, but subsequent page loads now have a faster, abbreviated transition animation.

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🥳 New Update Block

April 2022

Your WordPress dashboard now features this update block! You’ll be able to see updates on bug’s we’ve fixed and upgrades we’ve made on your website, so you never miss out on a new feature. We’ll make monthly updates, so stay tuned for more site improvements. As always, if you have any questions, please let us know at support@whiteboard.is.

The Whiteboard Team

⚙️ Ministry Post Integration

April 2022

We developed a new integration for Impact and WordPress. Now, you can add and edit Ministry Sites in Impact and WordPress will update automatically. We are still testing this integration, so if you run into an issue, please email us at support@whiteboard.is.
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🍯 Installed Honey Pot

April 2022

We installed a Honey Pot Spam Protector that will help ward off malicious or bot-generated email addresses in your forms to help keep those email lists clean and tidy.